Paragolfer Program & Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Inspiration Golf Paragolfer Program! We are dedicated to making the game of golf accessible to individuals with disabilities or challenges, and we are excited to provide adaptive golfers of the Triangle the opportunity to use this mobility device to re-engage in the sport of golf!

Our Inspiration Golf Clinics and other adaptive golf programs provide our golfers the opportunity to use this revolutionary device. Registration is not a requirement to use the Paragolfer at Inspiration Golf Clinics.

However, golfers must be aware that our Adaptive Golf Program Leads will determine the appropriateness of each individual’s use of this device, which includes an onsite assessment and provision of health information relevant to the decision-making process.

Please be aware that use of the Paragolfer at Inspiration Golf Clinics does not preclude that operation of this device can be done independently! Paragolfer users must adhere to all recommendations made by the Adaptive Golf Program Leads.

Registering for the Paragolfer Program is a great way to review eligibility and determine safety recommendations for use of the Paragolfer prior to Inspiration Golf events. Registering also allows us to make adjustments to the Paragolfer that are tailored to your physical characteristics. Paragolfer Program Registration includes the following:

  • Contact by phone or email

  • Scheduling a Screening or Evaluation

  • Receiving Recommendations

    * Our program features at least two (2) Paragolfer mobility devices during our clinics. In order to offer this opportunity to as many participants as possible, please plan on sharing your use of our Paragolfers with other participants.

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Unboxing the Paragolfer

Unboxing the Paragolfer

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